What now?




What now?

This is a question that most of us have  been faced with, a perhaps  situation that has turned sour, or an opportunity that came to an end and the question ” What now?” came to mind. Or a loved one that was taken away tragically and unexpectantly and a multitude of questions flooded your mind.

The context in which the question will be asked will be different and so will the answer for most.

What have you done when faced with this stressing and important question? What strategies was followed to get to the bottom of this question? Looking at the surface of this will not yield any ideas or fruits, but the moment this become the pressing issue, you  will realise the possibilities and challenges that lie ahead.

In the posts to come we will be looking at ex-professional rugby players who are not playing the game anymore, and to find out what they are currently doing and how they have answered the question ”What now?”

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