The Many Faces of Rugby supporters

2nd Test of the Castle Incoming Tour 2012 between SPRINGBOKS and ENGLAND on 16 June 2012 at Coca Cola Park, Johannesburg.

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It has been said that Rome was not build in a day and that every journey starts with one single step.

The journey of rugby dominance for the Springboks has been one of a stop start nature ,winning the Tri Nations only 3 times since its inception in 1996, in comparsion with NZ’s 11 times.

One could argue that the success NZ had was due to the consistency they had in appointing coaches.

Its hard to believe that Graham Henry took over the reingns from John Mitchel in 2004 and went on to coach the All Blacks, to only their second world cup trophy on homesoil in 2011, after which he retired. Henry was at the helm of the All Blacks for 11 years. In South Africa that is unheard of.

The past weekend saw newly apointed coach of the Springboks, Allister Coetzee, losing his first match in charge of the Boks. This also saw the Springboks losing their first match against the Irish on homesoil in 20 odd years. Not a good way to start your international coaching career you might say.

There seems to be all sorts of reasons as to why the boks lost to a weakened Irish side , who played with 14 men on the field for most of the match and reports are surfacing from respected journalists and analysts saying that Springbok rugby is currently going through a dark period.

An ex Bok player has jumped on the band wagon appealing to the rugby public to boikot Springbok matches by not atttending.

If you really want to know if Bok rugby is in the Dark, ask the players. Players will tell you, maybe not so explicitly I might add, but they will tell you like in Kamp Staaldraad saga.

So what is the point that I am trying to make? The Springboks won the Tri Nations under 3 different coaches. All three coaches, Mallet, White and De Villiers went through patches of under performing in their tenure as coaches. However, all three of them were able to bounce back and win the Tri Nations. In there time of coaching the Boks  had to endure a lot of criticism

Let us support the Springboks , wether they are losing or winning. Let us rally behind them and stop being a fair weather supporter. The boks has entered into a new era with the appointment of Allister Coetzee and the make up of the current rugby squad and it doesnt sit nice with some of the rugby public.

I have made the commitment to support and stand by my beloved Boks, in good times and bad times. Let us all commit to do the same, and just maybe will we win the Championship and the coveted World Rugby Trophy again

Victorius Tri Nations Coaches

1999 Nick Mallet

2004 Jake White

2009 Peter De Villiers

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